About us

About Us

We are team of professionals broadcast /DJs sharing a common passion for radio in its original expression. As broadcast professionals, we operate on quality standards in the compilation process of our playlists to reflect traditional and contemporary flavors. With a joint effort, we are utilizing today’s technology platforms to reach a global audience from a network of remote hook up across multiple geographical locations all over the world. Our main studio is located in Atlanta Georgia. We offer a mix of automated and live presentations from Presenters/DJs, on a rotational pattern based on program scheduling. Each Presenter/DJ comes with valuable experience in radio broadcasting and production expertise, evidenced in their personalities and music tastes to reflect professional standards, making our broadcasts and unique fun to listen to. Our playlist is directed to a pure and predominantly African /style music. We are here to promote African culture and values by celebrating the works of acclaimed artists/musicians, writers, producers. Our music mix also incorporates today’s achievement in contemporary musical expressions.